The Candle Shop

The first candle shop was a chicken coop in it's former life.

The evening the old candle shop was intentionally burnt down to make way for the new studio to be built


I want to thank my partner, Lee,
and all of my friends in the neighborhood.
Without their patience, love, & support this dream would not be possible.

The Building site of the new studio after the hillside was dugout and the footer holes were dug.

11/13/04 - The sub-flooring was put down & painted after insulating & closing in the floor joist's. Thanks Lamar, Pie & Alyson!

11/14/04 - The East Wall rises.

11/15/04 -Leopard & I built the 10' wall.

The West Wall is up with help from my friend & neighbor Pie.

A side view of them both.




11/16/04 - A couple views of all 4 walls standing independent.




11/17/04 - The walls and floor are now covered with a new tin roof!





11/23/04 - The first side was sheathed today.  Thanks Lee & Cassidy.



11/27/04 - Just as the rain came the I was finished sheathing & covering the windows & door with plastic.



12/27/04 - By Solstice the building was wrapped with "house wrap" and the door was in.

As I knew would happen, I have for gotten to mention some of the names of people that have helped nurture this project. From this point forward, I give thanks to all those who have helped on this project, without mentioning names. You know who you are. Thanks!

Jan - Feb 05 - After holiday family travels the heater was installed and the electric wires were pulled.



One of our neighbors, Watchman, stopped by for a visit.


It's the first week of March. The ceiling is insulated and the creekside windows are installed.



5/30/05 - Ahhhhhh! It's Memorial Day Weekend. The Cedar Siding is finished



7/18/05/ - The first mudding of the sheetrock is finished. Special thanks to the A/C for helping to dry the mud.....AND keeping us comfortable in the moist Tennessee weather.

8/8/05/ - With the walls painted and the windows trimmed out, there are only a few more things left to complete.... Building the work tables, installing the floor and setting up the new dipping system.

9/4-5/05/ - The first batched of candles were produced!

The Farm

Here are some pictures from the farm after our first snow in December 2001.

The Creek, looking south from the bridge.
What's left of the barn.

This is site of the old barn as it is being deconstructed.

The day the barn was dropped.
That's my friends Pie & Helga.